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Coda Audio CORAY4i is available to buy from Adlib in the UK.

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CORAY4I is an ultra compact 2-way line array column designed for small to mid-sized venues with challenging acoustic environments.Read More

Manufacturer: Coda Audio
Model Number: CORAY4i

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Ideal for environments where compact size, high fidelity sound and outstanding intelligibility are required, the CORAY4i contains four 5" ultra low distortion cone speakers and two 4" HF neodymium planar wave drivers.

The possibility to change the horizontal coverage 120°, 60° or asymmetrical 90° (60°+30°) or (30°+60°) allows precise audience coverage, reduced reflections for better intelligibility.

Two CoRAYi's can be allied top on top as CoRAY4i Twin to create consistent symmetrical vertical coverage of 24° without interferences between the cabinets while the horizontal coverage can be modified from 120° to 60° or 120° for short throw and 60° for long throw sending more energy in the far field. In this configuration the system acoustical output will increase by 6 dB and narrow vertical control at low frequency for extending the long throw capabilities of the system.

Applications include Houses of worship, small theatres, convention centres, conference rooms, political events, airports, museums, shopping malls, corporate events, delay line Coda's compact and ultra compact line array systems.

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