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Coda Audio D5-CUBE is available to buy from Adlib in the UK.

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About Coda Audio D5-CUBE

The Coda D5 is a passive 2-way 5”/1” coaxial loudspeaker system designed to provide a true one point source in an ultra compact package.Read More

Manufacturer: Coda Audio
Model Number: D5-CUBE

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The cabinet contains a high power 5” woofer and a coaxially mounted neodymium driver with 44.4 mm voice coil. Precise directivity of 90° conical ensures uniform coverage with perfect time alignment between the components.

A wide range of mounting and flying accessories are available making the D5-CUBE perfect for any high quality near field installed sound reinforcement application.

Key Features

  • Ultra compact 2-way coaxial system
  • 5"/1" coaxial loudspeaker
  • Single point source system providing coherent wave front
  • Impedance 16 Ohm for easy daisy chaining
  • 90° conical dispersion

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