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Hire Shure UR1M Body Pack Transmitter UK

Shure UR1M Micro Belt Pack Transmitter is available to hire from Adlib in the UK. Request a UR1M Micro Belt Pack Transmitter price below.

Hire Shure UR1M Micro Belt Pack Transmitter uk

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About Shure UR1M Micro Belt Pack Transmitter

Shure UR1M is a compact, discreet bodypack transmitter designed to work as part of a Shure UHF-R system. Shure UR1M belt packs are available to hire from Adlib in the UK. Read More

Manufacturer: Shure
Model Number: UR1M

Hire Shure UR1M Micro Belt Pack Transmitter

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Weighing only 2.2 oz without batteries, the UR1M Micro-Bodypack Transmitter is the most compact bodypack available from Shure.

It works with headworn, lavalier, and instrument microphones and cables. Its removable antenna provides additional flexibility, and a threaded connector securely locks microphone or instrument cables.

Other advanced features include a multi-function bit-mapped LCD, frequency and power lockout and infrared automatic transmitter sync. The UR1 can be used continuously for up to 9 hours using 2 x AAA lithium batteries. (6 hours using alkaline or NiMH)

This transmitter requires the UR4D or UR4S receiver to complete the system.

Key Features

  • User adjustable RF power (10/50 mW or 10/100 mW, regionally dependant)
  • 60-75 MHz RF tuning range (regionally dependent), tunable in 25 kHz steps
  • Weighs only 2.2 oz (62 g) without batteries
  • Measures 1.92” x 2.38” x .66” (49 x 60 x 17mm), less than half the size of standard bodypacks
  • Conformal coating for further improved sweat resistance
  • Bit-mapped backlit LCD display
  • 2 AAA batteries provide up to 9 hours continuous use (9 hours lithium/6 hours alkaline or NiMH)
  • Selectable alkaline, lithium primary, or NiMH battery curves for accurate power metering
  • Audio level metering
  • Infrared automatic transmitter sync
  • Frequency and power lockout
  • Removeable antenna
  • TA4M or LEMO3 connector options available
  • Compatible with Wireless Workbench 5 Software

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